Bookmans Favorites | Heroines from Kids Books

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We recently took a moment to search for the all-time best selling children’s books and stumbled upon a list published in 2001 from Publishers Weekly. Compiled of well over 100 children’s books ranked by their sales, the number one kid’s book was The Pokey Little Puppy by Janette Lowrey. Published in 1942, this book has sold more than 14,898,341 copies. That’s insane! It’s not surprising that the other top authors are classics such as Dr. Seuss, J.K Rowling, Shel Silverstein and Beatrix Potter, who wrote the Peter Rabbit stories. We noticed, however, that these top selling stories all have one thing in common: the main characters are all male-oriented. With the exception of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (p.s. she is absolutely one of our all-time favorite fiction females) not a single book within the top 20 spots has a female lead. So we’re taking it upon ourselves to compile a list of our favorite children’s books with strong female leads. Some titles you may recognize and others you may not. Either way, we want your future feminists to have a library full of women they can look up to. Let’s dive in!

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May is Geeking Out Month at Bookmans

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At Bookmans, we live by a tried and true adage, geeking out is half the fun. Some may argue that geeking out is a little more than half, or perhaps all, of said fun. But we can all agree, it’s a major part of the fun. This May, we are dedicating all of our forces to the celebration of of superfans everywhere. Whether your love is for comics, sci-fi, tech gadgets, star gazing, serious crafting or just curling up with a great book, Bookmans has you covered. Engage in dynamic events at each Bookmans location and in the local community from Star Wars shindigs to the Signature Pop Culture Event of the Southwest. Our event calendar has something for everyone. Head to your nearest Bookmans this May and let your geek flag fly!
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What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Sell Textbooks

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It’s May and the weather is beautiful. The sun shines and the birds chirp. Even better, school joyously screeches to a halt and will soon be a thing of last semester. But what to do about those cumbersome and pricey school books? You can sell textbooks at your local Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, of course! We caught up with real life college student*, Rhett J. Bookcestershire IV, to answer a few of his questions about selling and trading with Bookmans. End of semester can be a confusing time, we know. We’ve been through it too. Rest assured, we’re here to guide you through the textbook trading experience.

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Being Green and Orange

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April is Earth month for Bookmans, because one of our core values as a company is the environment. It makes sense to take care of that which is most important to all of us – Mother Earth. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle has been our mission for 40 years, way before the term global warming was an unfortunate part of our modern lexicon. While we are glad that humanity is beginning to wake up, we have a long way to go. Like Kermit said, “it ain’t easy being green” or orange. The best changes are those that are incorporated into our daily lives, small changes that can have lasting and large cumulative effects. All through the month of April our Bookmans locations host environmental fairs and recycling events to help you stay informed, but we rock Mother Earth all year long and we want you to join us. We’re here to help you find the best ways to support our environment and protect this precious planet, so let’s get started!

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Bookmans Recommends | Art Academy (Nintendo 3DS)

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If you were born in the past 40 years, you’ve probably played video games at some point in your life.  You know how easy it is to get sucked into a long story driven game on your console at home and how rewarding using your phone to slingshot little birds at green pigs can be.  These days, video games come in all shapes and sizes.  Titles have become so diverse in both content and method of interaction. Video games have even been used in schools to teach children since the 80’s, The Oregon Trail likely being the most notable example. Since then, a plethora of titles attempting to teach basic cognitive skills like math, grammar, and reading through play have found their way into homes and schools. But what about art? For those looking to master the brush,  Art Academy is a pleasant surprise.  

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Grant Location Liquidation Sale

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We recently moved our well known Grant location to the new Bookmans Midtown location at 3330 East Speedway Blvd. just east of Country Club Rd. Bookmans Midtown is up and running and ready for you to come buy, sell and trade. With that said, most of the stores inventory made its way to our new location, but we couldn’t bring everything over, we just had too many books. We love books and want to make sure these fabulous titles find their way into good homes, so we are having a GRANT LOCATION LIQUIDATION SALE!

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Spring Cleaning With Bookmans

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Spring never fails to bring all the things we love to the forefront like pastel and earth tone colors, a fresh breeze, flowers growing and birds chirping. Life is good. Then you realize you have a accumulated a lot of new stuff in the recent season. It’s due time for some spring cleaning, and for some this task might be a major mood killer. Fear not for Bookmans is here to help!

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Meet Joe Gonzalez | Local Artist & Bookmans Superstar

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Bookmans Phoenix sure is proud of accomplished local artist and Electronics Department guru, Joe Gonzalez. Joe is a longtime Bookmans Phoenix staff member and all around great dude. He has been sharing his visual art with the Downtown Phoenix art scene for the last decade and always makes a point to include Bookmans Phoenix in his rounds. Joe presents live painting sessions and donates artwork for Bookmans pop-culture events. He will be joining us for our upcoming Controllers & Canvas event featuring the awesome Phoenix Gaymers. Extending love of painting, Pokemon and vintage video games to our local community, Joe is one of a kind. We are delighted for the opportunity to work with him!

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Bookmans Recommends: Songs to Live By

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Spring is here! The birds are chirping and the sun is shining, what could be better? Well, we’ll tell you what: the perfect series of awesome songs. We believe that feeling good about yourself should be a year-round hobby. One surefire way to maintain an awesome mood is with great music. Today, Bookmans recommends the best inspirational songs, guaranteed to build confidence and contentment. Just sing one of these babies to yourself in the mirror each morning for a happy day. Stop by your neighborhood Bookmans to find these gems on vinyl or compact disc. Don’t worry if you lack the pipes of the Queen of Soul. We have musical accompaniments from harmonicas to ukuleles to karaoke machines. Sing solo or grab some friends to add harmony to your high spirits. Check out our list and get started today!

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Bookmans Mesa Sale | Top 5 Items To Buy

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You read that title correct my friends. In honor of Earth Day, Bookmans Mesa is having a sale! At Bookmans we are all about being good for your pocket and good for the planet which is why we are offering 25% off the entire Bookmans Mesa store – books, DVDs, CDs, video games, housewares, vinyl and more! Everything will be discounted on top of our already low prices. Join us this Saturday April 22nd from 9am to 10pm.


So what to buy at Bookmans Mesa this weekend, you know, besides everything you can possibly get your hands on? We have a few suggestions (five in fact) to help you get the most at the Bookmans Mesa 25% off sale.

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Our Backroom Rules | Being Green All Year Long

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Here at Bookmans we don’t just celebrate the Earth for the month of April, we go green all year long. That’s right, every single day we go to extreme lengths to ensure our carbon footprint is as small as possible. The very basis of our business model is “buy, sell, trade,” which keeps usable items out of the landfill and resourced into a new home. Aside from the joy that sparks at our trade counter and the nature of reusing perfectly good items, we also have “backroom rules” that employees are encouraged to follow to further our dedication to a better, brighter future.

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Bookmans Bling | Let’s Talk Jewelry

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You can’t imagine how much jewelry Bookmans sells. It’s crazy! Folks are astounded when they notice our high-end cases or our full to overflowing jewelry spinners.  You can find just about anything you want here. Bookmans sells jewelry and we sell a lot of it!

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Bookmans Recommends: American Beauty

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American Beauty, starring Kevin Spacey, is easily one of my favorite films and I would recommend it to any film fanatic. Released in 1999, the film received 5 Academy Awards and was a box office success despite its initial limited run in theaters. What really sets American Beauty apart from other dramas of the time is the down to earth portrayal of its characters.  Every character in the film has clear flaws and every character is searching for more out of life.  The film does an excellent job of illustrating how easy it is to feel isolated and alone when in reality everyone is united in their search for acceptance and happiness.

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Recycle & Reuse In Celebration Of Earth Day

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We believe it is our responsibility as a company to be compassionate citizens of the planet. We are continually striving to reduce our carbon footprint when we recycle and reuse. Awareness of environmental issues is part of our very business model. Every time you trade in or make a purchase at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, you’re recycling. Each item that is brought through our doors and placed on a shelf reflects the decision of a single individual to take a stand against unnecessary and harmful waste. Chances are you’ve never thought of shopping for used media as a green practice, but for more than 30 years our customers have been contributing to the environment by sharing their unwanted books, music, movies, magazines, and games with the Bookmans community.



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Children’s Storytime Tips

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When looking back to my childhood, I have more memories of being read to than I can count, from snuggling up for bedtime stories to feeling the magic of my favorite books come alive during storytime. Now let’s be honest, sometimes it isn’t always the easiest to read aloud to a child. As the children’s storyteller at Bookmans Northwest, I have parents ask me, “how do you get them to sit and listen. At home, they wriggle and seem uninterested.” Whenever I get that question I always tell them to not feel discouraged, and offer them the my top tips for story telling.

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Winner Wednesday! Cinemania: Fantastic Planet

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**CONTEST CLOSED** Cinemania a new monthly film series at FilmBar in Downtown Phoenix that highlights all-time favorite genre films on the big screen. Hosted by Dan Stone of The Unfathomable Film Freakout, Cinemania celebrates the essence of FilmBar – Phoenix’s true indie cinema. Since opening in 2011, FilmBar has made it their mission to preserve the art of independent film in the local community. The innovative programming of Andrea Canales and Dan Stone has attracted many accolades including Phoenix New Times Best of Phoenix “Best Independent Theater” and Phoenix Magazine’s Best of The Valley “Best Cinema.” Specializing not only in the latest independent and foreign films, but in local, cult and classic films, FilmBar offers something for everyone. On this Winner Wednesday, we give away two tickets to Cinemania: Fantastic Planet at FilmBar on Saturday, April 15 at 10pm in Downtown Phoenix!

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Bookmans Midtown Shares Their Favorite Music

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If there’s one thing Bookmans employees love unanimously, it’s music. Some of us are readers, some gamers and others musicians, but something we all relate to are musical vibes. We pump it through the speakers in our stores, we chat about it while buying on the counter and for some of us it gets played on our instruments. To help you get to know us a little better over here at Midtown, we asked some of our phenomenal employees to tell us their current favorite song. We know this can be the supreme challenge, but they all took it well.

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Coloring Grows Up – Join Our Adult Color Club

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Coloring has grown up, and become quite sophisticated. One of the newest trends in relaxation and creativity is adult coloring. When the trend first began, Bookmans was bombarded with requests for adult coloring books and we responded quickly!

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Syd Goes Solo | Bookmans Review

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One of the many perks of working for such a company like Bookmans is the ability to digest music, movies, games and books effortlessly. As new material makes it’s way in our stores we eat it up and spit it out – in the form of reviews so that you, our avid reader and listener, can decide just what goes on your shopping list for your next trip to Bookmans. Here we review Sydney Bennett.

Sydney Bennett known as “Syd”, who you may know from going back to the days of being a Odd Future member or from being a huge leading part of a group named The Internet. Syd currently has been prepping to release her first solo album; “Fin.” Syd’s lead single “All About Me” was the first single released on the album, which is produced by member of the Internet; Steve Lacy.

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Bookmans Recommends: Dr. Strangelove

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Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb is the 4th film in Stanley Kubrick’s directorial career.  Originally released in 1964, Dr. Strangelove is a story detailing the unfolding of a nuclear crisis during the heart of the cold war.  The film was a box office success initially, and has since received critical acclaim.  It is lauded as one of the best comedy films of all time, and is, to this day, Kubrick’s highest rated film on Rotten Tomatoes.  Let’s dive in to Dr. Strangelove!

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