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20 Sep

8 Monumental Moments from 1994

Let me set the stage for this one. Coveralls, layers, and scrunchies are in style. So are flannel shirts, sunflowers, and silk pajamas. Those are just a few of the choice wardrobe selections from the early 90s. I recently saw Weezer again (for the millionth time since my teen years), and it caused some nostalgia for the pop-culture of my youth. For me, those feelings coalesce in 1994, the year I started high school.  Here are 8 great moments of 1994 that are cemented in history forever.

Madonna Drops an F-Bomb (or 10)

David Letterman’s interview with Madonna in 1994 is one that he’s probably never forgotten.Long story short, Madonna did what Madonna did back then and drops 14 “f-bombs” while on set. Censors had a wild ride that night! #awkward

Woodstock ‘94

An epic return 25 years after the original, Woodstock ’94 brought 300,000 fans to upstate New York to jam with Green Day, Nine Inch, Nails, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Bob Dylan. I still remember recording pieces of it on my VCR, including the notorious mud fight started by Green Day. Check out this NSFW link to a 35-minute live performance by Green Day.

Michael Jackson Married Lisa Marie Presley

“If I asked you to marry me, would you do it?” Jackson asked Presley during one of their phone calls.  Being such private celebs, the couple chose not to announce the marriage for several months. It lasted less than two years, but it was all anyone could talk about.

A Defining Film Year

October 1994 was one of the greatest months in move releases of all time. Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, The Lion King, and Jurassic Park were all in theaters at the same time. You will find subtle references in current television, film, and literature. 

The PlayStation

The original PlayStation wasn’t launched in the states until 1995 but had a wildly successful launch in Japan in December of 1994. The US, meanwhile, held its breath for it to arrive, but that didn’t stop EVERYONE from talking about it all year long.

Tonya Harding

Have you seen the 2017 movie I, Tonya? It follows the now-disgraced figure skater and her connection to the notorious attack on Nancy Kerrigan in 1994. Don’t worry, it’s full of contradicting stories by both Tonya and her associates. On June 30, 1994, Harding was banned for life from the U.S. Figure Skating Association. #scandalous

My So-Called Life

Jordan Catalano. Need I say more?

Kurt Cobain

The world will never forget the MTV Special Report where Kurt Loader announced that Kurt Cobain had ended his life in his Seattle home. Cobain was a long-term sufferer of depression and addiction. I found this quote from Lars Ulrich of Metallica on Cobain, just 10 years after his death, ‘”…And with Kurt Cobain you felt you were connecting to the real person, not to a perception of who he was — you were not connecting to an image or a manufactured cut-out. You felt that between you and him there was nothing — it was heart-to-heart. There are very few people who have that ability.”

There you have it. It was difficult to choose just 8, but no one wants to read a novel. (See what I did there?) So, all of you 90s kids, what are your favorite monumental moment memories?

28 Aug

Bookmans Recommends: D.C. Follies

Who doesn’t have something they have fond memories of? One show took America’s funny bone by storm, and I remember it fondly, even if I was too young to get all the jokes. That nostalgic, kooky cocktail of 1980s politics and pop culture has finally landed onto DVD. Presented by Shout Factory, all 44 episodes of D.C. Follies are presented uncut – for the first time.

22 Aug

Let’s Get Crazy: 10 Bob Ross Facts

When it comes to painting, it’s hard not to think of one iconic name: Bob Ross. Ross is known for his calm demeanor, soothing voice, and of course, that amazing hair. His love of animals and nature shined as much as his skills with a brush. Every one of his paintings seemed so effortless, and watching him work is mesmerizing. It truly is a joy to watch the Joy of Painting. Here are some happy little facts about Bob Ross!

15 Aug

The Art of Adaptation

What does it take for a movie to be considered a good adaptation?  Is it how faithfully it follows its source material? Is how close it can keep the initial vision of its creator intact while keeping the story both new and exciting? Or can it be something completely different? Can it in a way be a bridge for a new generation of artists to have the room and freedom to express themselves and update the story for a new audience? Let’s examine the art of adaptation through the lens of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

03 Aug

The Best Songs from Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again was just released in theaters a few weeks ago. I saw it (because why wouldn’t I?) and I have to say, to my surprise, I was bawling for a good portion of it. The storyline and the songs really just moved me. The two films feature some of the best soundtracks that I’ve heard to date. Plus, I’m just a huge sucker for musicals. For me, Mamma Mia stands above all else. Here’s my list of the top songs from the newly released sequel. In case you haven’t seen it already, spoilers ahead!

28 Jul

Jeff Goldblum: A Love Story

The man, the myth, the legend, beloved the world over. Just like King Midas, everything he touches turns to gold. Trying to explain why the world loves him is harder than trying to explain the vast and complex concept of the universe itself. He is so odd and fascinating. No matter what he does, it somehow seems to be so effortless and tranquil. Maybe being a jazz pianist and an accomplished actor has something to do with Jeff Goldblum’s endless likability.

20 Jul

Ten Days of Summer Movie Fun with Loft Cinema Kids Fest

What if you were able to enter the world of Trolls, come back Home, and learn How to Train Your Dragon in just one weekend? Well, this weekend you can at The Loft Kids Fest! And that’s not all the festival is happening Friday, July 20thto Sunday, July 29th. The Kick-off Party begins at 6 pm tonight, Friday, July 20th at Himmel Park. Trolls the movie will screen outdoors starting at 8 pm.

Loft Kids Fest poster featuring dragons and sea sea creatures having fun

16 Jul

The Superstitions Surrounding Friday the 13th

Everyone knows that Friday the 13th is an especially unlucky day in Western culture, but how did it come to be this way? There are tons of superstitious myths about what causes bad luck, and Friday the 13th is some kind of special magnet to that bad luck energy, and many people take precautions to avoid it. An estimated 17 to 21 million people in the U.S are affected by a fear of this day, called paraskevidekatriaphobia. Some people so fear the bad luck caused on this day that they avoid their normal routines.

Related image

12 Jul

Ultimate Movie Party: House Party

Once upon a time, a slightly goofy hip-hop duo (not the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff) were the hottest thing in town. That time was the 1980s, and no teenager could escape the lure of Kid ‘n Play. Kid ‘n Play were absolutely everywhere and was no surprise that they scored their own movie. If you’ve been keeping up with Bookmans’ Ultimate Movie Party blogs, you know that all of the movies chosen have a lot in common. They’ve all got memorable performances, great soundtracks, enviable outfits, and of course, an undeniable party vibe. Kid ‘n Play’s House Party truly has it all, and here’s why it should be your next Ultimate Movie Party inspiration.

09 Jul

Review Redemption: Jupiter Ascending

Ever hear horrible reviews about a movie and go from excited to see it to skip it altogether? A few months or years later, you may give one of those movies a chance and realize – it wasn’t that bad. Yeah, me too. If you’ve ever thought a movie was unfairly reviewed after you’ve been able to judge it for yourself, read on. You may just want to give the movie Jupiter Ascending – and countless critically-panned films – another chance. Buckle up, readers. This is a long one.

Movie Poster for Jupiter Ascending with Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum

07 Jul

Which Ninja Turtle Are You?

I don’t know about you, but back in the day, I was obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I say obsessed, I mean it! I watched the cartoon, owned all the movies (my favorite being the second one), wore a Michelangelo costume nearly every Halloween, and even had TMNT pajamas. The Ninja Turtle franchise has been around for decades and it is still alive and well. Just look at the new 2D animated series Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arriving on Nickelodeon in September of 2018! Needless to say, I am beyond excited. With all this hype, we want to know: Which Ninja Turtle personality are you?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic Frame

05 Jul

Winnie the Pooh Quotes That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Winnie the Pooh is more than just a honey lovin’ bear. Pooh has been around since 1926 and has stolen hearts all over the world. What people love most about Pooh are his loyalty and fun-loving spirit. There’s also his adventures with his pals Christopher Robin, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Rabbit, Kanga, and Roo, adventures that millions around the world grew up with. There’s something magical about Winnie the Pooh that sticks with you, and here are some of the most heart-melting quotes from these iconic characters.

NEW ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Owl, Rabbit, 1988-91, © Walt Disney / Courtesy: Everett Collection                                          © Walt Disney / Courtesy: Everett Collection

03 Jul

Three Identical Strangers

What makes a movie a must see? Is it the genre, the actors, or the talent behind the screen? For me, it all comes down to a fascinating story. Right from the get-go, a superb movie can make you see and feel things from so many different points of view. Movies have the power to share life experiences, dreams and aspirations and so much more. Pair that with an exceptional trailer that will pique anyone’s curiosity and you have the ability to showcase something truly special.  The new documentary Three Identical Strangers is definitely something special.

18 Jun

Movie Review: Incredibles 2

The wait is finally over. After 14 years of anticipation, Incredibles 2 has a lot to live up to. Incredibles 2 finds itself in a tough position. On one hand, in the era of superhero movies, things have become somewhat formulaic. On the other, with such a large time gap between movies, living up to audiences hype is a daunting task. Incredibles 2 handles both of these issues with utmost ease. Let’s dive in (***spoilers ahead***)!

17 Jun

Ultimate Movie Party: Marie Antoinette

Do you think that a truly great party deserves time, effort, and all you can give it to make it the best night ever? If you’re one to go above and beyond to show your friends a good time, this Ultimate Movie Party is for party royalty. Marie Antoinette, like the woman herself, is not without its flaws, but man does it make for a great party movie. Here’s why Marie Antoinette should be your Ultimate Movie Party choice. On y va!

Marie Antoinette movie poster

14 Jun

Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame Is Worth Revisiting

Since Snow White premiered in 1937, Disney movies have influenced generations with their magical stories and impressive animation. As the days of classic 2D animation are replaced with the new doe-eyed CGI characters, some of us are feeling a little nostalgic for the days when each detail was painstakingly drawn, animated and colored for our unique viewing pleasure. One of the most beautiful and underrated Disney films, in my opinion, comes from the Disney renaissance era. It’s time to talk about The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

U.S. stage debut of 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' will be in La Jolla

05 Jun

Ticket Tuesday | Hereditary


Undoubtedly the hottest horror movie to hit the big screen in a long time, there is a near-audible buzz surrounding A24’s new film, Hereditary! From writer/director Ari Aster, Hereditary stars Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, Ann Dowd, Gabriel Byrne. YOU CAN WIN a prize pack including movie passes to see what critics are calling the Best Horror Movie of 2018!

27 May

Sci-Fi Shows You Need to Binge Watch

Nothing beats that feeling you get when you finally find a good show to watch. What’s even better is finding a show so good you can’t stop watching. I’m talking about the stay-up-til-3:00-AM-again-even-though-you-promised-yourself-you-wouldn’t kind of shows. Once you’re hooked, it’s hard to stop! Trust me, I know. Shows have come a long way in terms of depth and storytelling, and if you’re like me you have an affinity for sci-fi shows, here is a list of some of the best “on-air” sci-fi shows you can (and should) binge!

22 May

Top Ten Binge Worthy TV Shows

If you are like me, you probably can’t watch a show without binging the entire series. The summer heat is blistering in Arizona and binge watching a stellar show is the perfect excuse to stay inside. So jump into worlds unlike your own and indulge, everyone! Looking for some guidance? Here is a list of my top ten favorite binge-worthy TV shows!

21 May

Best Studio Ghibli Films

Studio Ghibli movies are unlike any other movies I’ve ever experienced before. They evoke a different sense of feeling for me than watching really any other film, and it may be because Studio Ghibli specialized in anime films. Outside of this studio, I have not found any type of anime that is even comparable to it. Studio Ghibli movies go beyond the surface level topics and they create unique, memorable characters that enchant viewers right from the jump. Studio Ghibli films mix fantasy and reality creating worlds that never before existed. If you haven’t experienced one of these films before, let me tell you why you should give them a try and which ones I recommend you start with.

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